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A team passionate about educational innovation

At the origin of Startlab lies a passion, an ambition: to make sure all young people can flourish within the education system and find their own path.

Young people happy to be using Startlab Portrait of Maxime, co-founder of Startlab

Yasmine and Maxime spent ten years living in the United States and Canada with their three children. There, they discovered a new vision of what we now refer to as the "soft skills" that make up a large part of teaching across the Atlantic.

De retour en France, et en combinant leurs deux expériences, leur vient l'idée de proposer de new educational tools to develop these skills and prepare young people to play an active role in their future.

Yasmine draws on her academic background in higher education in France and abroad. Maxime brings his knowledge of the business world, where he has notably developed training programmes on soft skills.

Portrait of Jean, co-founder of Startlab

Very quickly, they were joined by Jean who shared the same values and desire to offer young people educational tools that fit into new ways of learning: acquiring and transmitting knowledge through games and video, using technology as a tool for getting the message across. Jean brings his expertise in the creation of “serious games” and his knowledge of new technologies.

Portrait of Florence, educational engineer at Startlab

Florence joined the project in 2019 to boost the educational approach. Having trained at CRI (Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity) as an educational engineer, her passion lies in integrating motivational learning strategies for young people.

It's the strong convictions shared by the entire team that make Startlab such an innovative and contemporary educational solution, where learning is practical AND fun.

A team supported by young people, supervisors and experts

Educational innovation should be built with its users, for its users. This is why we have surrounded ourselves with a substantial network of experts and users. They have helped us to build Startlab and remain at our side as we continue to improve our teaching, and to make this project a memorable learning experience for young people and teachers/supervisors alike.

Interested in finding out more about our approach? Is there something you'd like us to know? Please feel free to get in touch!

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