Educational tool

A turnkey programme, easy
to integrate into school time

With a rich and fun course, Startlab offers an innovative
way of learning that gets students engaged.

A new way to learn and reveal your talents

  • Development of soft skills
  • Learning by doing
  • Introduction to building a project
  • Self-discovery
  • Building social responsibility
Presentation of the Startlab app interface
Presentation of the Startlab app interface

Ease of implementation and dedicated space for teachers

  • Support for getting started and throughout the experience
  • A dedicated space to manage the progress of projects
  • One-click monitoring of student group activity
  • 100% turnkey educational resources for group sessions

A fun and new experience for students

  • A course in 5 stages combining face-to-face activities and independent sessions
  • The choice to work on your own project
  • Rich and tailored educational resources
  • A web series and tutorials to boost understanding and be inspired
  • A project area with additional missions
  • Badges rewarding knowledge and expertise to be earned throughout the course
  • Opportunity to discuss your project with a mentor
Presentation of the app interface and Startlab videos

Case studies

breathing new life into economic and social sciences

Breathing new life into economic and social sciences classes at vocational/technical college

By enabling them to create a business project of their choice, learn about trades and future jobs, and gain an insight into the Social and Solidarity Economy, bring economics into the real world.


Teaching entrepreneurshipin vocational training institutions

Students are advised to work in groups for their vocational training assignments. With its five clear and practical stages, Startlab makes it possible to effectively supervise the students' group projects and lead them to success.

Introduction to entrepreneurship

Introducing higher education students to entrepreneurship Higher Education

From launching challenges to organising hackathons, or holding an innovation week, there's nothing better to introduce an entrepreneurial spirit and create group cohesion. Startlab lends itself particularly well to this at BTS, post-baccalaureate or training institute level.

Deploying interdisciplinary projects

Deploying Project Based Learning in the final year of school

Designed to encourage collaborative teamwork among students, but also teachers, Startlab is ideal for setting up Interdisciplinary Projects in the final year of school with an initial introduction into the spirit of initiative. It's also a fun way to get a taste of future jobs and the startup world.

Rallying around a project

Rallying a team around an entrepreneurial project Training and Integration

Young people who are aiming to return to employment or retrain need practical ways of learning. By creating their own project, they will reveal talents they didn't know they had and give real meaning to their learning.

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